Operating beyond integrity as a way of doing business evolved from a collaboration with Jim Randall around what could be done to increase public trust in our corporations having retired from working in marketing and communications for Inland Natural Gas and BC Gas and thinking about what he was going to do next. Jim and I would talk to groups of business and community leaders about these ideas and Jim worked with a number of small businesses to assist them in changing their culture and ways of doing business.

One of the most familiar responses to these ideas in our conversations was, – “Well, that’s just common sense.” To which we would say, – “Of course” – which would be closely followed with – “So why aren’t we doing this?”

Beyond Integrity was registered on November 15, 2002 after I had registered Native Roots, Arts Direct, and Quantum Ideas to explore and collaborate with public, corporate, community, and business organizations around how we increase trust, strengthen relationships, and create more sustainable and successful enterprise.

The Beyond Integrity Enterprise

Creating the story